IT-Security for your company

We offer you the opportunity to professionally protect your assets against the growing trend of large-scale industrial espionage, hacker attacks on corporate networks and the resulting economic losses for affected companies.

About us

Our young company consists of engineers who are specialists in the fields of Information Technology and IT-Security. With passion we pursue our philosophy to use our expertise to help your business implement modern and secure technologies. We will consult you about the necessary steps to protect your company's IT.


IT Infrastructure & Network

We plan your corporate network according to your requirements. With the takeover of existing structures, we start with a thorough analysis and create a documentation of your hardware and software and all configurations. This is the basis for high operational reliability and a hassle-free administration at the lowest possible cost.

VPN & Home Office

In the area of VPN and Home Office, we offer you affordable turnkey solutions. This will let you have always access to your office and be able to access securely worldwide your data. Virtual Private Network (VPN) allows you to access securely your internal company data from outside, through encrypted virtual tunnel. Through the VPN technology we enable you a cost effective and secure connections to branch offices, subsidiaries, foreign locations, suppliers, dealers as well as home offices and field service employees to your own local corporate network.


Penetration tests include the risk-based audit of IT systems for the presence of vulnerabilities from the perspective of external and internal attackers. We simulate realistic targeted attacks on your IT environment to determine your level of safety and consult you on how to close security gaps.


Confidentiality we take seriously. With the most advanced encryption techniques used by us you can be sure that only authorized people can access sensitive corporate data.

Operating Comfort & Mobility

Unlike many other security solutions, the systems provided by us are easy to use and allow you to fully concentrate on your work. We offer you the possibility to securely access your company data on-the-go via smart phone or tablet.


Alongside your valuable employees, the smooth workflow and success of your business depends largely on the availability of your customer and project data. We provide that by means of fully automated regular backups and redundant data storage for sure.